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U-boot: ARM Versatile Express Emulation On Qemu With NFS as Rootfs

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U-Boot: Booting a Linux System Is a Three-Act Play: Boot loader mainly sets up the groundwork for the board to be able to load the kernel. Just like an opening, the boot loader paves the way for the kernel, going … Continue reading

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Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) Installation.

Install and Test TFTP Server in Host Ubuntu machine:  TFTP, a lightweight file transfer protocol, uses other software to get running: xinetd. The xinetd program performs a neat job: it waits for network connections on ports (as specified in the/etc/services file) and, when … Continue reading

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NFS: Network File System protocol

NFS: Developing a rootfs for an embedded Linux Systems can present some troublesome, since the filesystem ext3 or some kind of image need to be created everytime when you add some files to rootfs and it’s not always an easy/quick … Continue reading

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Compiling Old Linux kernel and Emulating on QEMU.

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  1.Git Repository: 2.Environment:      i) Ubuntu :12.04      ii) gcc version 4.6.3      iii) Qemu 3. Download the Linux source code:      git clone Get the Linux Source code from above … Continue reading

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